Happy Labor Day everyone!! I know the long weekend is almost over (sad face), but I think these photos will turn that frown upside down…I know they did mine. I had such a fun evening with Meggan & Ryan! It was my first time hanging out with both of them so they were a little nervous as we began our session. But as you will see, it didn’t take long for them to get comfortable with the camera and each other. It’s almost like I wasn’t even there at the end! Talk about SEXY! yowza! So without further ado…here are Meggan & Ryan!! XOXO

A lot of laughter is a great way to start the day…

I loved their outfit choices! So much color to make the photos really stand out. Love!

Meggan = STUNNING!

When we got to the beach we started to have some fun…

Seriously?!? That’s hotness right there.

Just hanging out, taking pics…and then comes the COLD water… 🙂

One of my favorites.