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Mar 14, 2019

anne + craig = married! san diego backyard wedding

One of those wedding days that doesn’t even need a schedule. Family, friends, your pups and a bride & groom are all you need! Anne & Craig worked so hard to turn their home and property into their dream wedding venue and it was perfect. Truly a wonderful day!

Mar 12, 2019

grace + zack = married! lot 8 san diego wedding

When you meet a couple like Grace & Zack, you instantly feel joy and comfort in their presence. Constant smiles, laughter and warmth between the both of them. And the cutest dog in the world… Dexter! Their wedding at Lot 8 was a picture perfect day and I was honored to be a part of it. I mean, we had great food, CAKE…and a pinata?? How could it not be the most awesome day ever?!

Dec 13, 2017

Dolce Vintage Rentals – san diego photographer

Who wouldn’t want a little vintage Italian flare to add to your wedding day or big event? These little cuties are for rent and it was a pleasure to photograph them. Direct from Italy, Olive & Celeste, have been brought back to life and are completely gorgeous.


Sep 11, 2016

jamie + brian = married! {luce loft, downtown san diego}


Sep 11, 2016

aly + brian = married! {rancho bernardo winery}


Sep 11, 2016

stephanie + stuart = married! {liberty station, point loma, ca}



Sep 11, 2016

lauren + josh = married! {carlsbad, ca}





Sep 11, 2016

jennie + travis = married! {newport beach, ca}





Mar 2, 2016

ashley + paul = married! {ensenada, mexico}

Ashley & Paul hosted the party of the summer in Ensenada, Mexico! Their wedding celebration was one I’ll never forget and I’m so honored to have been able to photograph it! AND they’ll have some great stories to share with their kids someday. More details below…. 🙂

Ashley & Paul – THANK YOU for sharing your day with me!!

Ceremony and reception venue – Hotel Coral & Marina; Hair – Beth Lund



These guys…made me WORK. I definitely had to put them in their place a few times. All in fun, of course. 😉


Looking pretty handsome, fellas!


The GORGEOUS ladies!!!

Ashley’s dress was PERFECT!


What are the chances of this happening?? In the photo below, you see the initial cut into the wedding cake (top left)…keeping in mind this is NOT an ice cream cake…or cheesecake…just a normal, perfectly normal frosting/cake combo. AND…this is a BRAND NEW knife/server set that has NEVER been used. As you can see, the knife handle BREAKS. What I don’t notice until a few seconds later is that Paul’s finger is bleeding and he has been cut …BADLY. (you can see a little blood on the handle that Ashley is holding in the bottom left). He asks for a cloth napkin and says he’s fine. So they try again and use the server to attempt the 2nd cut. THE SERVER HANDLE BREAKS TOO. At this point (as you can see on Ashley’s face…bottom right), no one can believe this is happening and Paul needs medical attention. Don’t worry, though, he was lucky enough to have a friend at the wedding who had his medical bag with him at the hotel who bandaged him up (a few times) and he was good to go. Crazy, right?!!

Crisis averted… and then they danced…

And danced and danced and danced the night away….


Feb 4, 2016

valentine’s day giveaway {free photo session!!}

No matter your relationship status during this time of year, we can’t ignore the roses, cards, chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate ice cream… choc… oh sorry, I got distracted… and, of course, LOVE. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I truly hope there is LOVE in your life. Love is a beautiful thing and whether it’s with your soulmate, your best friend, your family, your dog or your cat… everyone deserves LOVE in their life because there is ALWAYS more room for it. You may have to take some huge risks to find it or get hurt in the process, but we all deserve to find it in any form and we’ve got to keep fighting for it. Love is louder than so many things and I, personally, hope to find true love someday so I can share my heart with someone who wants to share their heart with me.

Anywhoo… so where am I going with this you ask?? Well, thanks for sticking with me because it’s time for a GIVEAWAY!!! I’m a hopeless romantic who loves to celebrate LOVE and I can’t WAIT to give away a FREE PHOTO SESSION to one lucky couple!! This photo session will be something very special with a few amazing surprises (think Italian…)!

For the chance to win, you must be IN LOVE (duh!)…married, engaged or in a serious relationship AND you must be in the San Diego area (or planning to visit in the next 6 months). Sorry out of town folks, but the SURPRISE is located in SD and not able to travel (it’s super fun, just trust me on this one)!

Here are the important deets:

1) If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram (http://instagram.com/meganannphotography)

2) Send me an EMAIL with the following:

—A photo of the two of you
—A love letter to your significant other telling THEM (not me) your favorite memory of the two of you AND why you LOVE them (please keep it PG ;-)). Doesn’t have to be a novel, but be sincere and put your whole heart into it…I’m a hopeless romantic, so give it all you’ve got!
—Email these to me at megan@meganannphotography.com BEFORE Feb 14th at NOON PST

3) GUYS…you can enter too!! Surprise your lady and enter without her knowing!

4) Repost/share this message to your followers and your chances of winning will increase!


I can’t wait to read your love stories!!😘