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Meet Megan

Born and raised in Oregon, so I don’t mind the rain.

I currently have six pairs of Chuck Taylors and always seem to need a new pair of white ones.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I love sports. Most kinds, but especially basketball and football.

I’m an introvert, but love being around people…unless a Netflix binge is calling my name.

I think it is possible to have entire text conversations just using emojis.

Chocolate is my love language.

I love my fat cat, Penny.

My favorite food groups are sushi, cupcakes, avocados and cheese.

I’m an auntie to the cutest twins in the whole entire world.

I’m a bit sarcastic at times.

I don’t like roller coasters. They make me puke.

Did I just type puke? Oops. Sorry about that.


I love Luke Bryan. I mean… I love country music. Yep, country music. And Luke too.

Favorite moment at a wedding – father/daughter dance.

Favorite moment at a family photo session – giggles and corny jokes.

Favorite moment at a newborn session – sleepy snuggles with first time parents.

Favorite moment at a food photography shoot – taste testing 😉

I love social media! Just follow the links up top! See you soon!