Allison and I first met during our freshman year at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA (Go Loggers!). We were in the same dorm and had a few classes together that year. When freshman year ended, I thought I’d never see her again as she planned to transfer back down to SoCal…but to my surprise at the beginning of sophomore year, she was back!! Thinking back through all the things we’ve gone through together, all I can do is smile…and tear up a little (happy tears, of course). Though we’ve been through a few rough spots, she will always be one of my dearest friends and one who can always make me smile…because she’s always smiling! She is one of the reasons I moved to San Diego in the first place and we were roommates for three years. This is where Greg comes into the story. Ever since I met Greg, I knew there was something different about him…something that brought a happiness to Allison’s life that would never go away. I got to know Greg pretty quick in that first year and knew he’d be around for awhile. Greg is the type of guy who will tell it like it is and has put me in my place a few times (out of love of course), but is also funny, loyal, caring and a hard worker. These two are the perfect pair and I’m blessed to call them friends. Surprisingly after all this time, this is their first appearance on my blog…but hopefully not the last. Lilly joined their adorable family just over two years ago and in honor of baby #2 being born…TODAY!!!…here are a few shots from our session together last month.

Adelaide Ella was born THIS MORNING and both mom and baby are doing well!! Allison & Greg – Congratulations!!! I’m SO happy for you both and can’t wait to meet Adelaide!! Thank you for your friendship and love! xoxo, Megan

And finally, the photos…we started our session at a private residence in Rancho Santa Fe. And thank you to Nikki Crockett for hanging out and shooting with me!!

Aren’t they a cute family??

Sorry Allison…I had to show Greg’s true colors with this one…haha! 🙂

We took a quick break in the barn to visit the horses….which Lilly loved.

This photo is exactly what I envisioned when we planned our session…the colors, the Bronco, the love and laughter…