You can officially call them a “party of five”! The Beamish family added a brand new baby to their crew this Spring and I was thrilled to be able to capture Cora’s first photos. Mer & Adam have the most gorgeous little ones and Cora is no exception. Since I’ve taken all three of their newborn photos, I’d say she looked a bit more like Chase at two weeks old so we’ll see if she gets those curly locks too! I just love this little family. Even though they live up in Orange County now, I’m still grateful for the opportunities that we do get to see each other, catch up on life…and of course watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette. 🙂

Enjoy the photos of Cora (aka Coco)!!

P.S. You see that little bed in the first photo?? Isn’t it adorable?? My talented friend, Allison, whipped that puppy up for me in just a few hours! I love it!