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Newborn Photography FAQs

when should we schedule our newborn session?

Sessions are scheduled around the 6th or 7th month of your pregnancy just so I can tentatively add you to my schedule. I also encourage a pre-consultation (if time and location allows) so I can come visit your home and plan the areas of the house where photos will be taken so we will be ready to go once the newborn session is scheduled. Once baby arrives, you will text/call me and we will schedule your session within 7-10 days of birth. This is the ideal time to take photos of your little one while they are still very sleepy and “moldable” for cute, cuddly photos. When they are this sleepy, they don’t mind being moved around and “molded” for different positions of photos. After 14 days, newborns often won’t stay in a deep sleep long enough for photos and some often get baby acne as well. I can do my photoshop magic and definitely retouch any scratches or marks that may happen on the day of, but it’s ideal to have as little retouching as possible.

where will the session take place?

Sessions take place in your home where your family is most comfortable. I don’t have a studio, but bring plenty of props/accessories with me to make a session work in any environment.

what time?

Most sessions are scheduled in the morning but it depends on the lighting in your house and if other children are going to be a part of the session. If a toddler is around, it’s best to work around their happiest time of day. When siblings are involved, I usually take family/sibling photos first so we can get those out of the way. Also, I use as much natural light as possible so keep an eye out for when areas in your house have the best light.

How long will it last?

The average session is between 2-3 hours, but some can run longer. I want to make sure we aren’t rushed and have plenty of time for baby to be in a deep sleep. We will have plenty of time for feeding breaks, diaper changes, etc.

how do I prepare baby?

It’s best to feed baby just prior to my arrival. Babies normally fall asleep after being fed so it’s the perfect time for us to get started when they have a full belly and are very sleepy. If you want to do naked baby photos without a diaper, just wrap them in a loose diaper after being changed/fed so we don’t have diaper lines on their skin.

how do I prepare the house?

I look for any available natural light in the house, usually the living room close to a window/patio door and/or master bedroom. It’s a good idea to have those areas picked up/ tidy for our session. I often need to move furniture around a little bit, but I promise to always put it back to where I found it. ☺ If the master bedroom is used, a lighter (white/cream) bedspread/comforter always photographs better than darker colors since they act as a natural reflector.

how do I prepare myself?

RELAX! Your newborn feeds (literally and figuratively) off of any stress or anxiety and will act accordingly. I’ve been photographing newborns for almost 10 years and in every session, baby has fallen asleep at some point so don’t worry, we will get there!

do you bring props?

Yes! A lot of them! Hats, headbands, blankets, wraps, backgrounds and baskets! Let me know color preferences or any colors you may not like (which we will discuss in our pre-session consultation). I’d be more than happy to use any hats/headbands/outfits you have as well, just know that even newborn clothes are probably going to be too loose which is why we stick to blankets, wraps and diaper covers.

are mom and dad in the photos?

Yes! All of the family is included (pets too!). Older kids/family first then just baby…unless baby is very sleepy right away then we will start with baby first. As far as clothes for mom and dad to wear… pick something comfortable and nothing fancy. Lighter colors are best and I don’t recommend black. I know you will be exhausted, so don’t stress about clothes. Comfort is key.