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What should I expect from our session with you?
Comfortable, relaxed, FUN! These are the most important aspects of a photo session for me and I hope you feel the same. I want to see you and your family/fiance/spouse in your element so you can feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. In order to make this happen, I want you to have fun and do the things you would normally do as a family/couple...laugh, joke around with each other and enjoy each others company. Sure I'll take a few posed photos, but I'll also step back and let you have fun. The candid moments are the ones you'll remember forever.

What location should we choose for our engagement/portrait session?
The first thing I'll ask you is if there is a place your family loves to visit or somewhere that has a special meaning to you. Where was your first/best date? Where did he propose? As a family do you love hanging out at the beach? Or do you love hanging out at home? Wherever that place may be, let's go there! How fun would it be to hang out and eat ice cream at the boardwalk for a portrait session...and I get to tag along!?! I also love to scout out new, unique places for our session so we can have fun at a random park, field or urban location!

What should we wear for our session?
This has to be the most commonly asked question for any photographer. My answer is always yourself and be comfortable! I won't tell you what to wear, but I love to recommend bright colors or fun accessories to accent your outfits. Don't just think about white or black shirts and jeans...think about what color brings out your baby's eyes...or your favorite summer dress you've been dying to wear. I love when clients get creative with their session and show their personalities through the clothes they wear. As a family you could also think about a theme for your you have a vintage/collectible car you want to have as a part of our shoot? Musical instruments? Chargers or Padres gear? Bring it!

How soon after the baby is born should we schedule a newborn session?
Newborn photos are always best when taken within their first 10 days. This is when they are still fairly sleepy and will cuddle up pretty much anywhere you lay them...and it is also the time before baby acne often sets in.


Portrait Sessions start at $250
Wedding Collections start at $2500
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